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Wanna see me at Blizzcon?!
I'm happy to say that I am part of this amazing Kickstarter, Journey Beyond!…
The plan is to bring some of the greatest cosplayers and cosplay photographers together to create awesome, and we will be at Blizzcon for panels and meets and greets!
Please check out the link and chip in if you can. We reached our first goal in less than 12 hours, which is phenomenal! A bit more to go and not only will I be joining the group, there will be so much more to offer!

Much love! xx
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I made a on my thoughts on this whole "share4share" trend going around on Facebook. Check it out!
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I am happy to announce that I will be attending GameStart Asia in Singapore on the 25-26th of October as a special guest! I hope to meet some of you while I'm over there. This will be my first ever sponsored cosplay trip, and I cannot conceal my gratitude and excitement!
If all goes well, I will be showing off some new cosplays. Ice Drake Shyvana and Champtionship Riven from League of Legends, Faith from Mirror's Edge 2, and Eliza from Tekken. If there are any photographers in Singapore who would like to collaborate, please feel free to PM me!

This wouldn't be happening if you guys didn't support the crap I do. So thankyou for everything. Hopefully this is the start of something big. <3
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Buy 2 get one free! Cheaper shipping! Win stuff! OMG HAVE IT ALL!
Everyone who orders x2 A3 prints goes into the draw to win a signed Borderlands 2 poster, which has been autographed by myself, Randy Pitchford, and many lead artists from Gearbox Software!
I'll also be giving away other random little surprise gifts! :)

Cash will go directly towards cosplay and splitting with photographers. If there's a particular image you 100% want printed, let me know!
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I cannot believe I'll be getting braces in just over 3 weeks. It's kinda scary thinking about it, actually. After so many years of pain and other bullshit, it's the beginning of the end! Scared but super excited!
What's it like having braces, guys? Any tips on surviving lol?

In the meantime, I'm working on several costumes which will be shot in the upcoming month/s. Elsa's coronation gown, a couple of secret costumes, and many more on the way. Super happy that college is finally over so I can focus on all these outfits and on my career.

Also, go check out this hilarious vid by AmenoKitarou!…
It's a spin-off of "let It Go" from Frozen, poking some fun at the cosplay drama. Laughing at dramu and focusing on the better things in life is the message!.... or take what you will of it. Up to you XD
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Hey guys!
Check out more of my stuff over at my Facebook page!:…

And you can ask me anything on my page!:

Still recovering form my surgery, but I'll be back in full-swing real soon!
Expect epicness!

2014 IS HERE!!!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 10:49 PM
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Cannot believe 2013 is over and done with! Thankyou so much everyone for all your love and support! <3
2014 is gonna be willed with plenty more costumes, plenty more adventures, and plenty more transformations. Here's a little list of what's going on for me....

1. Getting 8 teeth removed to make way for braces.
2. Graduating from school.
3. Making some awesome costumes like ODST, Angewomon, Fran form FF12, and plenty more! Here's a list of others I'd like to do, and regularly add [or remove] ideas:…
4. Start burlesque and/or pole dancing classes ;)
5. Start vlog channel, tutorials, journals etc.
6. Stay single, or at least find someone decent.
7. Travel more.
8. In conjunction with everything else, save money lol

There's a few more plans, but the ones listed are at least definite haha. What are your new year's resolutions?

Stay awesome, guys! Love y'all, and really looking forward to another year of epicness! <3

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Game Journalism Internship!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 29, 2013, 11:40 PM
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Yesterday I landed an internship with The Australia times to write game reviews, interviews, and my own personal analysis of the gaming [and cosplay] community.
Which brings me to ask you guys what you'd like to see... What do you like reading about? Is there anything that hasn't been properly covered yet? Is there something you're dying to see?
Please let me know!


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New Journal On FB Page!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 30, 2013, 4:29 AM
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Hey guys!
I've written my first journal on my cosplay page, reviewing how women are perceived in the cosplay and gaming communities. Please go check it out, and even share your opinions if you like.…

Also, 'like' my page for pics, gaming reviews and what-not!

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Cosplay: we've lost the meaning behind it.

Journal Entry: Tue May 7, 2013, 1:23 AM
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Most cosplayers on Facebook may have come across some drama that unfolded on a 'cosplay page', but for those who haven't I'll show you.…
This picture was posted up, and has since been deleted off their page due to the massive backlash. I can't even begin to comprehend what made them post it up. And I can't tell if the picture is pointing at overweight people, westerners, or both. Either way it's sickening.

Time and time again I see this bullshit. Even searching up cosplays on google, you see images of cosplayers being ridiculed for a 'bad choice'. Yes, I've said many times that one should choose their costumes wisely, but that should NEVER limit someone. I think we all have to remember why we cosplay- why we're all part of this subculture.

Cosplay is:
1. A means to escape the real world
2. A way to express your love and passion for a series
3. A chance to test your technical and/or artistic skills
4. An excuse to be a youngin', to have fun, and to be broke (lol)
5. A chance to meet new and old friends

I don't see any 'a chance to be bullied' or 'a chance to be a cunt' up there. And if you feel that way, get the fuck out of cosplay.

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 7:27 PM
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I think all cosplayers have been brought to the attention of the latest fad sweeping every convention, forum, blog, vlog, and practically everywhere else... the whole "cosplay =/= consent" thing.
Do I support this ideal? Absolutely. Everyone who knows me knows I do, considering I own a pair of boobs and all that comes with being a woman.
However, this trend had caught the attention of feminazi's [feminist nazi's, aka. flailing vaginas] who are taking matters far and beyond and making rules of their own, even attacking individuals who say they've gone too far. Now this, I don't stand for.
But here's what I stand for...

I'm a cosplayer. I choose to cosplay.
I choose which cosplays I'd like to make.
Nobody forced it onto me. It's my decision.
My decision to cosplay a certain character inevitably affects how people look at me, whether they adore my character, barely look at me, or stare at all my flesh.
As said above, I chose to wear that costume. My choice.
Everyone is equal at conventions. You all paid the same fee to get in, you're covered by the same rules.
Like it or not, there's perverts at conventions. And like it or not, I may get unwanted attention.
This attention is discouraged by any sane person, but you cannot control it.
Of course, if there's any unwanted verbal or physical contact, the perpetrator should be punished. Publicly shamed, even. Security should be called, and the individual should be banned from ever attending that convention again.
The cosplayer should never be blamed.
Again, the cosplayer should never be blamed.
But every choice has a consequence, and you must acknowledge that, whether you're in costume or not.
People have the right to take your photos. You're in a PUBLIC convention. No law protects you [except if the camera is concealed].
You don't want that kind of attention but you wanna wear the costume? Do a private shoot. Sign a TF form.
Want to avoid unwanted attention altogether at all costs? Choose your costumes wisely then. Simple.
Whether your male or female, you can be a victim, but don't take it overly personal.
Oh, and lastly...
When your pointed with the facts, don't go on a tyrant rage saying how this is 100% wrong.

The last part is in relation to my friend beethy [the guy who takes most of my pics], who's recently been attacked by a psychotic group of feminazi's because he pointed out some facts they didn't want to hear. Some are listed above in my statement. They didn't like what they heard. In fact, all they wanted to hear was that all men are perverts, people can't take photos without permission, and cosplayers have full rights at conventions when it comes to interactions with non-cosplayers.
Now because of this, he's been mercilessly attacked by this group. They're run a campaign to kick him off, they've locked his Facebook account, and they're sending him horrible emails and even trying to hack his address. I honestly didn't want to believe it when I heard/saw what was happening. These actions are embarrassing on the feminiazi's end. It shows how far a hissy-fit can take some people!

I think with every culture and/or subculture, the overly fanatic can go too far. Cosplay is a hobby. It's a choice. It's fun. It's what you make of it. Simple.

I welcome and encourage discussion of the topic.

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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 20, 2013, 5:59 PM
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Every single cosplayer in the world has one painful problem that we can all relate to: we're always broke. Always.
Fabric, thread, machines, paints, wood, tools, thermoplastics, LEDs, mould castings, brushes, dyes, wigs, make-up, contacts, boots, prosthetics, convention tickets, travel expenses, luggage, skin care, gym... the list goes on and on. Every single cent we earn, we constantly throw it all back into making our beloved costumes and feeling good for a few hours while stressing for months prior-hand. Non-cosplayers may not get it, but we do. For us, it's not a sacrifice. The chance to hone our creative spirit and create something from nothing is a rewarding life experience. Some think that the cost of an outfit is more valuable compared to medication and psychological sessions.

But like it not, we've all gotta come to a conclusion that the hobby must come to an end for us one day, and to have some money saved up for your next step in life is a greater advantage than having nothing at all. It could be a mortgage on a new house, a holiday, a new car, wedding, whatever! Plus, even if we're nowhere near that stage yet, it's always great to have some spare cash just in case. I asked a few of my friends some tips on what they do to save money [aside from 'quit cosplay altogether' lol],  and mashed them up with my own little ideas to come up with a list of great ideas. Hope they help you out!

In Australia, our two mainstream fabric stores- Spotlight and Lincraft- often have sales to draw in customers and compete with one another. This can rage from 30-50% fabrics and crafts. I save up all my money and literally go all-out in a sale, and I often save quite a bit of money!
The one thing I really hate about these stores is that when the items are full-price, they're a bloody rip-off. Unless you're really desperate, DO NOT buy from the big stores.
This leads to my second tip....

In my area, there's a fabric store called My Hung. The guys there are always great to me, and give me discounts often on fabrics that are already at a good price, and they seem to have more fabrics than the bigger stores. And, they keep their fabrics tidy and dust-free. I'm talking delustered satin [1.5m width] for $15 p/m and they'll give it to me for cheaper! Another store nearby sells me great quality 4-way metallic PVC for $7 p/m! So it's always best to scout out the little guys, make a connection, and you'll often always buy fabrics for that little bit less.
I'd also recommend that you scout out good online fabric stores. Do thorough research on these guys, and some can be dodgy. MJTrends is great for latex and what-not, Taobao is good, and even eBay sell some great matte PVC.  

This may sound like a waste of money, but it's not. Buy some cheap calico and learn to make your own pattern blocks, and not only will you accurately make a greater costume that fits to your shape, you'll know the exact amount of fabric you'll need to make it. My most recent costumes [Ada Wong, Litchi, Yuna, etc] were all made from calico test pieces, not pre-bought pattern blocks. Now having said that, sometimes it's worth the money to invest in some patter blocks for ball gowns, corsets and what-not. Look on auction sites or second-hand stores for some decently priced ones before you head out to buy one. Sometimes you can grab a bargain!

A drastic measure, but desperate times call for it. Save as much money as you can, and whatever's left over the day before your next pay, toss it into a locked account. It gets alot easier over time to create a budget and have some spare change when you need it most!

I'm locked into my gym membership for a little bit longer, but I'm fortunate I only have to pay around $8 p/w to go. Many gyms can cost far more, and if you don't have the spare cash and time, then don't bother. You can still get awesome results from home and you don't even need any fancy gym equipment!
Here's what I'd do:
- 30+ min walk/jog. Break it up where you jog for 5-7 mins, brisk walk for 2-5mins, then repeat. This will keep your heart pounding while not over-stressing your body.
- Push-ups are brilliant for toning arms. do 10x2 push-ups with a 30 second break in-between. Squats, leg raises and frog jumps are perfect for your legs. 12x2 for these, and increase amount when you're physically capable. Find other routines that work for you.
- Yoga is brilliant for posture, stretching, and toning your body up. Practice yoga for 20mins-1hr. Buy a DVD, get Wii Fit+, or attend public classes if your gym doesn't include them in your membership.
- If you do have a console [Wii, Xbox], invest in those workout games. You'll be surprised how much they make you burn!

People think healthy food is expensive. It's not. In fact, it can often work out cheaper if you buy fresh produce form the markets and make everything from home. Bulk-cook your meals and freeze the leftovers in meal-sized plastic tubs for later. Make sandwiches and take them work with you. Make your own healthy snacks like granola bars and popcorn. Not only does this keep your health on track, you'll look and feel much better....

.... Unless you're really tight and you have to life off Mi Goreng for a while lol. I guess that works. Kinda.

Wigs, shoes, and even your old costumes. If you know you're not gonna wear it anymore, and the items are in great condition, then sell them and earn some change back. Make sure you sell it at an affordable price. Even sell old DVDs, plushies, and anything else you think would be appealing! And list your items all over the place so you get an even better chance of earning some cash!

Or you can ask for more shifts lol. That's what I did.

It can often be alot easier on your wallet if you take your time only making a few high-quality costumes. This means you don't lose money in one big load, and you'll often make a better costume because you're not freaking about making a ballgown in 3 days!

It's very rare for this to happen, but if you're a very well-known cosplayer, you can often be sponsored by major companies to make/wear costumes to promote their product. This usually happens in Japan, South Korea, America, etc. Australia? No. [Aside from indie games, we haven't made a decent major game in years]

If you have a few thousand followers, there's no harm in selling a few things to make some spare cash on the side. Cat ears, gemstones, wings, pattern blocks, accessories, whatever! I'm even thinking of eventually selling some posters of my costumes [splitting earning between myself and photographer].
Now having said that, you gotta be really careful that you don't take advantage of your followers. The majority would be more than happy to help you out a bit while getting a little something for themselves, but do not rely on them to fund your hobby. It's YOUR choice to cosplay, so YOU have to make sacrifices.

If you have your own little tips, submit them and I'll add them to the list. Thanks for reading!

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Tips for cosplay models! For shoots and for cons!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 18, 2013, 3:33 AM
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I thought I'd switch around my journal entries and make something more positively interesting. I want to share some of my tips to everyone when it comes to cosplaying- both at conventions and at photoshoots. Some things are pretty state-the-obvious, and if anyone else has some if their own tips, please submit them!

Wear it a week before and 2-3 days before the convention. This is to 'break in' your outfit and to find out the possible little faults (loose threads, holes, etc.). Sit down and do heaps of random poses to test out the costume's limits.
Of course, during the progression of your costume coming to life, you should be testing it out and such, but it feels so much different when it all comes together!

2. EAT.
Yes. It's that simple. Especially prior to a shoot, make sure you consume something healthy beforehand. Some people fear that eating will make the look 'fat' during shooting, but as long as you're not eating something greasy or full of simple carbs, you'll be fine. In fact, starving yourself will cause your skin to expel more oils, gases in your stomach will bloat you, and you'll be too much in a pissy mood to work with.
I'd even advise that you go on a health swing a few weeks beforehand to clean up your skin, have more energy, and maybe even tone up and look more badass!

When you're working with a photographer, no matter if they're a stranger or your best mate, treat them with the upmost respect. Just like you've worked your ass off to make a costume, they've worked their ass off to get the right gear, learn to become a great photoshop artist, and help to distribute your work. Some photographers don't ask for a cent for what they do, and some ask for some sort of compensation. Talk to them, get to know their style and expectations, and come to a healthy idea of what the shoot will be like. Afterwards, when you upload the photo, make sure you credit all involved.
(Warning: if you didn't pay the photographer, they can pretty much do whatever they want to the photos. So yeah.)

No matter what precautions you take, chances are your costume or someone else's will have an accident. It's best to have a little kit on you, covering all possible outcomes. Super glue, hollywood tape, threads, small scissors, safety pins, duct tape, etc.

This is something I often forget to do, haha! Do plenty of research on your character and figure out their personality and poses. Almost like acting, you gotta become them to really pull the cosplay together.

Especially for the gals with mini skirts, bunny suits and the just bizarre, make sure you're wearing the right pair of underwear. I've seen accidents happen where girls wearing white knickers hit bright light and you see everything. It's not good. Best to stick to black and wear skin coloured stockings to be safe.

Write a list of all the things you need, and mark everything off before you leave home. I always end up finding heaps of little nifty things to take along. It's even good to pack some granola bars and water just in case!


Well, that's all my tips for now! I'll write more when I get the chance. You got anything that I could add to the list or share with others? Post it here! :)

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Elitism, bullying, and lack of humanity in cosplay

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 2:43 AM
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The talented Yuuri-C wrote up a journal earlier on about her thoughts and feelings in regards to the nastiness she's received as a cosplayer. It influenced me to dwell deeper from both a personal and a third-person's perspective, to bring awareness to this ugly dilemma. It's quite ironic, actually- we cosplay to escape a dull and shallow world and yet it somehow seems to seep it's way back in.

I myself have been a victim of bullying for a very long time. First through school, and now through minor cosplay groups with a peculiar vendetta. It got to me at first, because I found out it was those close to me that were the perpetrators, but these days I see it as a laugh. I'm actually happy people go on 4-Chan and bitch about how much of a "slut" I am or how "fat" I am or pathetic my costumes are. It's all talk. They'd never say it to my face, and if they're so bored and insecure about themselves that they have to target me, then cheerio to that!
I may sound like an up-myself twat saying that, but that's nowhere near the point. It's simply the fact that I can't afford to care anymore. I'm not affected.
But what concerns me is that there's people out there who 'are' affected by bulling, who get attacked both in person and online. Most of these people are innocent and new to the cosplay scene, and are picked on for their "terrible costumes", their weight, their appearance, their group... you name it. This creates elitism, and the cycle goes on. I've seen it first hand and have even jumped in to help a victim, and the attackers don't seem to see the problem.

As someone who never saw or even heard of this kind of thing when I first started years ago, it shocks me now to see how out of control it has become. It brings shame to the subculture, in my opinion. It's a hobby, which is meant to be a creative means of escape from the real world- whatever the reason. It's not Project Runway, it's not ANTM, it's not live 4Chan. One victim of bullying is far too many. This has to stop.

If you know someone who is a victim of bullying- it doesn't even have to be related to cosplay- be the better man and stand up for them. Make a difference.
If you're a bully in any way, find your humanity and grow up. I know it's hard to break a habit, but sometimes it's better to be human. But karma always finds it's way if nothing changes.

My message to anyone who's a victim of bullying in the cosplay subculture:
It gets better. Don't lose sight of yourself. Grow into someone that you'll be proud of, and in the end, you'll win.

Sorry if I kinda went on there. Lack of sleep is getting to me, hehe. If you have an opinion on bullies or twats in the cosplay world, please express them. Thankyou for reading.

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Journal Entry: Wed Nov 28, 2012, 3:27 PM
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My cosplay gallery has been pretty dormant lately, and I'm preparing for a big year of cosplay next year. I've been looking around for inspirational people, and I decided that I wanted to share them with you. So here's my list of people I love and adore from a few categories:




New Granado Espada - Wizard by yayacosplay Jessica Rabbit - collab with Jay Tablante by yayacosplay Psylocke and Psychic blade by yayacosplay

If you don't know Yaya Han, she's possibly one of the most popular cosplayers internationally. She has inspired me on so many levels with her creativity, sensuality, and outstanding performance. If there was ever a day I met her, I'd take her out for a drink or two to thank her for her awesomeness.


It's all about the cape by BadLuckKitty Into the light by BadLuckKitty Out of luck by BadLuckKitty

Black Cat [aka. Gabbie] is a gorgeous and bubbly girl whom I've been fortunate to befriend recently. She always seems to be the life of the party, and is always striving to push herself to be a better seamstress and artist in a highly positive manner. I can't wait to see what this girl brings to us in '13!


Morrigan Aensland: Fire by katyuskamoonfox :thumb338743976: Kasumi: City lake by katyuskamoonfox

Katyuska is someone that I honestly wasn't sure of when I first heard of her, but I've come to know her as a headstrong, charming, and very intellectual young woman. Her gallery is seductive yet tasteful, and her Morrigan cosplay is the standout of all her showcases. She was born to be Morrigan!


Legend by dreades Porcelain DOLLS by dreades Howling in the Underworld by dreades

Yay, our first male listed, haha! Dreades is a great guy. I recently fangirled over his Oswald cosplay, and that's pretty much how we got to know eachother! He definitely deserves more followers on his Facebook page.


Commander Shepard II - Paragon by CrystalGraziano Venus - Metal Gear Ac!d by CrystalGraziano The Azure Witch II by CrystalGraziano

It was actually Beethy who introduced me to her work. I wish I could meet her one day. Her gallery is fantastic, and any Metal Gear Solid fan will instantly fall in love with her. Her partner makes an awesome Snake, too!!


Nightwing Stance by VampBeauty Rei Ayanami by VampBeauty Vampy White Phoenix by VampBeauty

"Vampy" got my attention when she cosplayed Reika from Gantz and Rei from Evangelion. Her gallery is probably one of the best, and she collaborates with many talented artists. Definitely one of my biggest inspirations. And she's ridiculously beautiful.

DA: organisation-roxas.deviantart.…
Facebook: No page

Sengoku Basara - Yukimura by beethy I Will Be Your Opponent by InfiniteCosplay I'll Protect You, Kyrie by InfiniteCosplay

I've known Roxas for... I think going 5 years? And as each year goes on, he just gets better and better with his cosplays. He hasn't used his DA in a while, but his most recent works have been astounding. He just placed runner-up in the Madman National Cosplay Championship! He's a quirky kid who would go out of his way to help those in need. He's even helped me in some pretty bad situations. I don't say it as often as I should, but I'm really proud of him and of what he's achieved. He's a wonderful man with a big heart. I'm lucky to have a good friend like him.


Mass Effect 2 Cosplay Group by Zerebin Master Chief at play by Zerebin Garrus Vakarian - WIP Number 7 by Zerebin

Zerebin [aka. Luke] is talented beyond all reason. His Garrus cosplay was one of the best I've seen [I'm a MASSIVE Garrus fangirl], and his upcoming work on Iron Man is something I can't wait to see completed. He's also gonna be doing Zer0! Yay!




Xenosaga - KOS-MOS bikini 01 by beethy dissonance by beethy Vocaloid : Hatsune Miku 03 by beethy

Everybody knows Beethy. One of the most highly-credited cosplay photographers in the world, and one of the best people to work with. Most would know that the vast majority of the photos in my gallery were done by him, and that's because he's one of the few that I can trust to produce brilliant work, and we just 'click' together. He's fantastic with coordination, he knows his stuff, and the way he edits his photos is quite savage and nontraditional, but the end result is always awesome. But he's not only a good photographer. He's also someone who I'd call my brother. He's been there for me at my worst, can dissect my mind even when I can't, and always finds a way to make me smile. He's also a fun guy to hang with, and is great to have intellectual conversations with- even if i can get heated, haha!


Blue Rose (Tiger + Bunny) by AndyWana Yurick (The Last Story) by AndyWana Bad Girl (No More Heroes) by AndyWana

I've only worked with Andy as of recent, and he's a pleasure to collaborate with. He has a great sense of what he wants to achieve, and is a great director when it comes to posing and lighting. He's quickly becoming one of the top photographers in Australia. And he's just a fantastic and kind-spirited guy. I hope to work with him again real soon!



Official site:

Every single thing this guy does is fan-fucking-tastic. A professional with everything he does, his finished products are nothing short of amazing. I've been real lucky to get into contact with him for a couple of ideas [nothing official as of yet], and fingers crossed something comes out of it. Regardless, I'll always love this guy's work. His Daft Punk helmets/costumes are definitely my faves. He also collaborates with the wonderful God Save The Queen Fashion; their Claymore collab is awesome. Check him out!

DA: Not recently updated.

AusFX are outstanding when it comes to articulate detail. Check out the Facebook page for the Phurba Dagger that was just recently made. Fucking. Brilliant. I seriously hope to collaborate with Rowan one day. Definitely deserves more 'likes'!!


Well, that's all I'm gonna do for now! I'll put more up later! If you have any suggestions, let me know! Also, follow my Facebook fanpage!…


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Looking for wig stylist/ colorist!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 19, 2012, 1:28 AM
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I need someone to make me a wig replicating Lilith's hair from Borderlands 2.
Now I don't want to sound like I'm being a picky bitch, but.... well.... I'm gonna be a picky bitch lol. I need someone who's had much experience with dying and styling wigs [with portfolio proof] to make me the "perfect wig".

Surprisingly, Lilith's hair is very complicated.……

When I got my hair dyed to replicate hers, I remember the colorist using several shades of red to get the right colors... from a copper orange, flame red, copper red, and then the gradation to silver/platinum at her ends. Her cut is a bit odd, aswell, and have styled it differently in comparison to the first game [Randy actually told me that they did that because of the way I styled my hair!].

If anyone knows anybody who's great at this shit, or if you are someone with awesome skills, contact me whenever you can. I'm not in the biggest hurry for it, and I'm happy to discuss prices.
The wig will be used for a photoshoot later down the track and you will be credited for your work.



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Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2012, 5:59 PM
  • Mood: Happy
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I just realised that someone has sponsored me for another 3 months with premium membership! It's not telling me who, but whoever sponsored me, thankyou heaps!!! :'D

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High on caffeine.

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 12:42 AM
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My head is spinning. Too much tea lol.
Anyways, just a quick update on life! I shall be flying out to Dallas in just over a week for the Borderlands 2 Community Day and launch! I'm honestly freaking out- moreso because I'm scared my cosplays won't be done before I leave [I arrive home the day before Animania lol], but I'm so excited at the same time to be part of an awesome crew! I hope to see some of you there :)
Really looking forward to: ALL THE MEXICAN FOOD, meeting all the fans in person, seeing the epic cosplayers, ALL THE MEXICAN FOOD, getting inspired by the guys from the Gearbox team... and FOOD. EAT ALL THE TACOS.
One thing I'm not looking forward to though is the looooooooooooong plane ride.... 15 hours to LAX, 2.5 hour waiting, then another 3-5 hour plane to Dallas/Fortworth. My iPad isn't recognizing a video app I downloaded onto it... so I think it's gonna be a boring flight lol. I also need to find any means necessary to knock myself out.

Britanni Johnson [aka. Guardian Angel] and myself will be doing a video answering any questions that you guys want to ask, so if you have anything you wanna know about, then toss them our way!


FUCKING TACOS!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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An update on life.

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 20, 2012, 5:44 AM
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Hello everyone! Sorry for my lack of journal updates; been super busy with work, cosplays and cons. Speaking of conventions, SMASH! was amazing, as usual. They definitely set the standards for quality, and next to Supanova they're my most loved cons to go to. Animania is slowly going downhill, but with effort it can really find the spark it once had. I honestly hope it does.

At the moment I'm slaving away on a secret cosplay, and looking for more possible ideas. And the Borderlands 2 release is creeping close! Y'all excited?! :D

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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 11:18 PM
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I wanna thank everyone so much for all the love, support, and constructive criticism in relations to my Daily Deviation piece! It came as quite a shock, since I honestly thought I'd never get one~ *squee!*
Please feel free to check out more of my work here, and you can also follow me on my cosplay page and Borderlands fanpage if you would like to keep updated on upcoming shoots and cosplay ideas. Heck, even suggest a few ideas for me! I'm open to opinions!
Once again, thankyou everyone. It's been a real pleasure ^_^

Lilith [Borderlands 2] fanpage:

Vera Chimera Cosplay:


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